Taipan’s emphasis is on-site salvage projects where products are directly available to the consumer, but there are hundreds at the warehouse already. Sets and multiples exist, where you see one door knob there may be 50 just like it. Here you’ll receive qualified advice on installation and design issues based upon years of building and architectural experience.

The warehouse also includes a shop where products are modifed for your application. We work in wood, steel, glass and most other materials and finishes. We broker 2nd party items and find specific items for you.

Open almost everyday by appointment, take your time and see everthing.

Live far away? No problem. Taipan’s primary market runs from San Diego to San Francisco with truck delivery. And we ship product across the country in crates we build.

special architectural details
Special Architectural Details
Chandeliers and Pendants
Chandeliers and Pendants
sconces & ceiling mount
Sconces & Ceiling Mount
kitchen and bath
tile and stone
Tile and Stone
reclaimed lumber