Home Owners

Your project is a critical investment. We can increase the financial return on your investment in a number of ways. First, all salvageable building elements are sold onsite with fees paid to you. Second, elimination of building elements naturally reduces demolition and landfill costs to you. Consequent yields and savings can then be reinvested in construction to follow or elsewhere.

The salvage of your structure is usually achieved through a two stage process: we begin with “soft” demolition, where we remove elements for buyers of same, followed by “hard” demolition where your contractor removes heavy elements though sometimes we do.

You may also elect to have your contractor perform all deconstruction and we take the elements away.

We work with one client at a time and manage the promotional and sales process, deconstruction and buyer product pick up. Our background in construction allows for a natural and knowledgeable coordination with your contractor throughout .

Framing lumber, concrete slab and bricks went to the landfill.  But all cabinets, doors and over 2000 sq ft of old growth redwood siding were saved.