Welcome to Taipan

Our warehouse is located in Carpinteria, CA and we provide salvage services from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles. We sell our products from San Diego to San Francisco and ship across the states.
We deal in interesting, higher value commercial and residential structures to be remodeled or demolished. A carefully managed salvage process reduces project costs, preserves building products for others, creates jobs and keeps the landfills free. Whether you are the owner, builder, architect or consumer, everyone and the community benefits. If one stops to think about it, an architectural salvage project is a self-sustaining micro economy unto itself.
Home salvaged of interior elements, entryway, exterior lighting and imported Japanese roof tile.  The front door went to Montana, the tile to South Carolina, the Lanterns (and 20 others) to Florida. Other products found homes in LA and locally.
Salvage is followed by structure demolition. Taipan does not perform demolition but associates with those who do.